What would be the best lesson you learnt from ASB?
So everything that I learned in ASB has always been the best lessons in my life. But you know, few things that I can say right now is like I was a Placecomm member. So you know how hard it will be for them because you are representing the whole batch. So it was all about the balance that I had to build in my life. Because we transition from a slow paced life to a fast-paced life, here at ASB. Equal balance in both placement activities and the academics and my other extracurricular activities was definitely something that I learnt from ASB. Because back in my school days and college days, I was just inclined to the art side of it and I was not much of active into any other side of it. So here I could enjoy everything, you know, the whole package I could get those two years were the best time that I’ve ever had and do everything possible in ASB because the world outside ASB is going to be a totally different world.

What are your roles and responsibilities in Titan has a key accounts manager?
So right now as you said I am working as the key accounts manager. So here I’m into the trade channel of the company also into the MDR channel that is the multi brand retail channel. There are two channels which is the retail and one is the MPR. So here it’s more in the traditional way as we say the distributor we have and also few direct dealers.

What was the push factor which made you to pursue sales assume because our current batch is very confused with the sales and marketing?
So there are two parts of the question which I would like to take upon. It was more of a pull factor because you know I have been surrounded by people who were into sales. My father was into sales and then my brother was also into sales. So I have been around my father and have experienced what he has experienced. And also as you said, you mentioned that marketing people don’t like to opt for sales. But I would say even if you want to end up in marketing, you have to know the basics of sales. If you don’t know what the hardcore sales is and if you don’t know what actually goes into the actual field work, you won’t understand what is done on the top line.

So at any time, everywhere, you can see that the people who have worked in the frontline are always better in marketing because they know in and out what is to be done and what is not to be done.

So if you’re getting an opportunity in sales, it’s not that it’s end of your career, you can’t get into marketing or branding, you can definitely get into it. This paves the way for that and this makes you more knowledgeable.

Could you share your experience about winning an award at the National Sales Conference and your journey towards this?

So it’s definitely not something which just comes out just because of a month’s performance. They evaluate you on the overall year performance. So I am grateful and thankful that I got a boss who is also apparently our alumni from our college. Whenever, wherever possible, I try to take up opportunity so that my visibility increases. So your numbers are very critical and you have to learn in the process. And you know, every day, month by month, I ensure that my number is also done. Because you see, whatever you do, whatever you say, in the end it all comes down to the numbers. If you’re not a performer, you’re not a performer.

The six question is to share us one of your core memory from ASB
Lots and lots of memory affairs being there which is very close to my heart. And you know I am person who always talk more about my placement committee. So the first thing will always be how I worked in the committee. Pragati was one of the good memory but I never wanted to be in the committee because I already had placement committee works that we had to do. But somehow they made me the game head. But all thanks to DG sir for his support, because if he was not there, I don’t think our game would have stood up the way we could.
And yeah, from ASB is where I found my life partner too. So definitely it is always, it will always be close to me. So that is also another memory for me.
ASB will always be special. You see, you found the way out in your life. You found a path for your life ahead. And also you found somebody to join that path from the same place. So always it will be close to me.

Whom do you consider to be your biggest inspiration?
So here without a pause I can say it’s my father. He has always been my biggest inspiration in the all the things like professional as well as personal. It’s because of him that I know how important it is to be where I am and also how you can do your job ethically. The other big lesson he taught me was the balance between the personal and professional life. So definitely that is something which has inspired me a lot and I hope I get to enjoy the same kind of experiences that he had in his life and also reach where he is. And yes he has been and will always be my inspiration.

There are many skills which are vital for a person who’s aiming to his career in sales. Would you brief us up on this and also provide some tips to beginner who are willing to start their career in sales from the scratch?
The skills that a salesperson requires, is to be good in analytics and also to know the numbers. You also have to know basic excel and most importantly the art of storytelling is very critical. How well you articulate it and how well you build a story matters a lot. And then negotiation and knowing the customer is something which we will be good at when we know the numbers.
Know the academics, be good in whichever subjects that you think is necessary for you. There are many branding subjects like consumer behavior, sales and distribution. Take all those subjects understand because it shall be really helpful to build a career.