/Exploring the Ozone Forum Universe: An In-Depth Interview – Pragati’24

Exploring the Ozone Forum Universe: An In-Depth Interview – Pragati’24

Pragati contains various Forums and Committees. Hari Krishnan P S is the head of one of these Forums, i.e., the Ozone Forum, which falls under the operations domain. The forum’s primary role revolves around organizing both management and non-management games. This year, they are aiming to hold three rounds of management games and one round of non-management games.

Hari Krishnan says that his anticipation surrounding this year’s event is particularly high due to the post-COVID era. He expects a surge in participation, providing ample opportunities for networking and collaboration.

He says “Reflecting on my journey from being a volunteer during my first year at Pragati to now leading a forum, I anticipate that juniors will bring renewed enthusiasm and energy to the event. Unlike last year, where my involvement was minimal, this time, I’m responsible for overseeing various aspects such as coordinating with game heads and collaborating with other committees and forums. I believe that this year’s Pragati has the potential to be a truly memorable and successful event.”

Covered By: Arunima

Edited By: Shubhangi