/Exploring the Operations Committee Universe: An In-Depth Interview – Pragati’24

Exploring the Operations Committee Universe: An In-Depth Interview – Pragati’24

As the head of the Operations committee, it is my responsibility to build the foundation for the event’s success. The Operations committee works behind the scenes to set the stage, even though we may not be as visible during Pragati itself. We take care of the backend logistics, making sure that all required programs are set up and that costs are effectively tracked. Our role is not individualistic, but rather a collective effort within the team. Thus, we often describe the Operations committee as the “Heart of Pragati”.

When I think back on my time as a committee member and compare it to my current position as the head, there has been a big change. My main responsibility as a member was to support my seniors. But taking on more leadership responsibilities has resulted in more pressure and involvement. Unlike before, where there was always someone to turn to for guidance, now I must take the initiative and shoulder accountability for various aspects of Pragati’s operations. Leading as the head demands a different level of engagement and decision-making.

I view Pragati as a student festival that involves both seniors and juniors. And as I previously stated, this committee needs the support of the entire campus community in addition to its head and the core team members. And I am pleased by my juniors’ active participation in this matter. It’s evident that they see Pragati as their own program and are showing initiative in their involvement. They have demonstrated sufficient levels of devotion, which I believe will become more apparent as we approach the dates of Pragati.

Anagha Shankar, Operations Committee

Covered by: Sam Selwyn J

Edited by: Shubhangi R