/Making Memories: Insights from the Head of ASB’s Jagrithi Committee

Making Memories: Insights from the Head of ASB’s Jagrithi Committee

‘Pragati’, the annual ASB fest, is fast approaching, and Ganesh Menon, the head of the Jagrithi Committee, shares his expertise on utilizing human resources to ensure the event’s success. In an interview with Benasir M, he imparted valuable advice and shared his experiences with Jagrithi, enlightening on the committee’s significance in Pragati. When asked about his thoughts on Pragati, he revealed an intriguing perspective. During an alumni gathering, some former students expressed that they can to ASB solely for Pragati. This demonstrates the immeasurable value of the experiences and memories created during the fest, emphasizing the committee’s responsibility to give their utmost effort in making it worthwhile.

He further explained that the committee serves as a vital link between all the committees and forums involved in Pragati. They ensure seamless communication and effective people management, resolving any conflicts that may arise. One memorable aspect that he shared from his time with the committee is the team’s discussions and planning sessions. These not only fostered efficient teamwork but also showcased a strong bond among the members. Regarding the “DJ night” component of Pragati, Ganesh emphasizes the importance of crowd management to ensure a flawless evening. The team is actively making strategies to make the night enjoyable for everyone, free from any issues. When it comes to dressing up for the event, he believes that there are no strict rules. Attendees can wear whatever they feel comfortable in, but it is crucial to maintain decorum. As for accessories, it is advisable to adhere to the guidelines and regulations set by the committee.

In conclusion, his insights provide valuable guidance on harnessing human resources to make Pragati a triumph. The indispensable role of Jagrithi committee in the event cannot be underestimated, as their efforts guarantee a fantastic experience for all attendees. With his insights in mind, all the committees and forums involved in Pragati can unite to create an unforgettable event.

Interviewed by: Benasir

Edited by: Poornima