/Finder of Lost Souls

Finder of Lost Souls

“It’s none of your business” is an overused statement by Gen-Z, in recent times. 
But there is a person, whose business is only to know what other people don’t know.
Mr. Sherlock Holmes – an analytical genius with extreme decision-making and deductive reasoning is being commissioned to tackle cases all over the world as per the creation of Nancy Springer.

He tends to be cynical and projects himself as an unemotional person, to be focused and distinct.
But what if the hardest of hearts unharden? What if he holds someone very dear to him despite the inflexibility, he possesses?

“Holmes and Holmes?” he asks at the end of the sequel to Enola Holmes – his partner in crime, moreover his beloved sister.

Stirring up herself into commotions, Enola is wild and carefree while she anchors to her calling of becoming an independent, private detective. Sherlock saves her skin every time she gets into trouble, though Enola hates to be under the wing of her brother.

It’s indeed a treat to the sore eyes of viewers like me, who have only seen movies casting pairs with romantic affairs, having a great understanding and coordination in extreme situations. 

Enola Holmes and Sherlock Holmes is a powerful duo of a brother-sister bond, budding in intense cases with a splendid deal of partnership regardless of their minimal/nil communion regularly.

Relationships with such a spirit are hard to manifest, these days. While communication is the key to a strong association on any occasion to sustain in the longer run, Enola and Sherlock tend to prove otherwise. Maybe it’s a part of their upbringing and runs through the inherited genes of their parents.

Whatever it could be, it’s a beautiful nexus of two souls that is shatterproof and deep-rooted.

To me, apart from being an investigation-packed movie, this is very special in terms of building relationships and finding oneself through the lens of others. 

Finder of lost souls – Enola Holmes, though fictional is indeed an inspiring personality in many phases of her life.

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– Monisha Thangam KS, Batch 2024