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Money Matters

This article is all about the importance of money and the productive ways to let your money grow, with some examples and the writer’s own life incidents that state that money is superior to all. 

When we talk about money and other assets, the first thing that we hear is money is just a piece of paper all that we need to live is friends, family and etc. Let me ask a simple and straight question to all those who have a mentality like this, Is Elon musk, Adani, Jeff Bezos, or Ambani complaining about their rich life?  Are they worrying about being rich or do they worry that they don’t have friends or family? All those who say money is inferior are those who have never seen that amount of money. There is no proof stating that being rich always gives worries. There are people who are rich and also happy. Let’s go deep into this with some living examples.

Killing our passion/interest:
Being born into a normal middle-class family in India, we guys, know the pain of giving up our passion and interest for the sake of our parents and society. Millions of people are born with talents and still couldn’t follow them; the reason for that is money. Only those who are born with a silver spoon are allowed to dream and follow those dreams, others have to try harder and harder not just to develop themselves but to get an opportunity to showcase their capabilities.

There are persons from weak backgrounds who have become successful, those persons are the greatest inspiration. All the multi-billionaires of today haven’t jumped straight from the sky and landed on earth. They started it from the scratch all that they needed was a clear plan, confidence, market knowledge, and coming out of their comfort zone. If a statement is raised in front of them stating that money is not superior, they might just laugh, because they know the power and value of money.

This COVID was so devastating that many become economically weak, but this COVID was an eye-opener for me. When the quarantine period started, I just turned 18 with no knowledge about what is happening around me, carrying my life forward peacefully. When I was in my home during the quarantine, was the first time I saw my parents worrying about money, even though they tried to not let me know their state right now, I understood their struggle. My Mom who is a principal of a private school sat beside me on one fine evening and asked me a question, I don’t know whether she asked it seriously or for fun but that question was an eye-opener and it molded the decision on what I should do with my life. She asked me “Can we start a small mess in our home and sell Tiffin items to our locality?”.

I had no words to say because from the day of my remembrance, I’ve always seen her so powerful but that evening the way that question was asked hit me so hard, that moment I realized the value of money.

Value of money:

The value of money is always growing at an increasing rate. We the Indians are the ones who taught this world a concept called savings. The practices followed in India encouraged western countries to start saving. This was a beautiful concept taught by my professor “Today’s money is more valuable than tomorrow’s”. When a man or woman has enough knowledge about investments, that is the right time to start investing, because the earlier we start the more the money grows. Because there is a certain time for us to grow as an adult, this implies money too.

Investment is not only meant for money makers, anyone who has a demat account is eligible to start investing. Students can start investing with the money they get as their pocket money. Many of them don’t know the value of investments. We can see many shares being so positive in the stock market they grow at an inclining rate. For simple understanding, some of our parents may own a Maruti 800 which costs around 2 lakhs, if they would have changed their mind and invested the 2 lakhs in Maruti stocks now the 2 lakhs would have matured as 1 crore. This is the value of an investment. 


When the concept of investment comes to our mind all are afraid of the risk of losing their capital. But there are certain rules which are unofficial but have to be followed by every investor to save their capital; 

  • The capital which is invested should be the excess money you have out of your saving and expenses
  • Never invest without knowing the market trends
  • Stay away from rumors and tips
  • Build a portfolio that contains different forms of investments
  • Have a long-term view before starting to invest

First of all, many of us don’t know what money does, Money making is purely an art; it is hard to generate, and requires knowledge to multiply, whereas it is easy to spend. The current youngsters who are so obsessed with their mobile and spend most of their time on social media platforms are completely misled by the words of some bad influencers. They just ruin your time and make you their followers, like a cult. I feel pity for those who start fan pages for these bad influencers, who take their words and work as inspiration and suppresses the successful person in them.