/C20 summit at Jaipur

C20 summit at Jaipur

C20 India 2023, an official G20 Engagement Group, provided a platform for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) worldwide to voice people’s aspirations and promote social and economic development.

The Summit held in Jaipur from July 29-31, 2023, saw the participation of over 700 delegates, including experts, policymakers, and G20 officials. The event featured discussions, resulting in policy recommendations presented in the C20 Policy Pack and C20 Communique, aimed at influencing the G20’s agenda for sustainable development and inclusivity.

During the summit, the C20 engaged in fruitful exchanges, advocating for actionable policies and ideas to address global challenges. Dr. Nava Subramaniam, our Dean and Coordinator for the Civil20 Working Group on Technology, Security, and Transparency, contributed her insights to this important cause.

The C20 Summit remains a vital platform, uniting experts and advocates to shape policies that lead to a better future for all, leaving no one behind.