/Innovac – The Innovative Community

Innovac – The Innovative Community


To create a friendly and collaborative ecosystem for our friends to learn, improve their confidence and a platform to become a well rounded individual for placement seasons and beyond.

Faculty Mentor: Ms. Hemamala K


We strive to create a student anchored community for innovative learning.


To create a better peer learning experience inside our student community for a foreseen future foundation and career development.

Core Members:

Raathika N, Akshaya J, Vendhan Prabha P, Aravind Kummar B, Maria ruffina Y, Darshan K.

Activities to be organised

  • Learning sessions
  • Public speaking
  • Extempore speeches
  • Storytelling
  • Think tanks
  • Debates
  • Group discussions
  • Global affairs society
  • News analysis
  • Parallel Excel practice
  • Writing workshops

The Process

Learning sessions: Learning sessions will be organised by Innovac with the help of peers who have a strong understanding of a particular subject. The classes will be conducted for one hour forty minutes depending on a time common to all the students who will be attending the sessions. Each session will be recorded.

Public speaking: The topics will be given to the participants beforehand so they can prepare. These topics will not be specific only to academics but will involve a range of wide creative topics. The topics will also be theme based according to the session to keep it engaging.There will be fellow student evaluators who will judge the participants based on their grammar use, sentence usage, filler check, body language, voice projection, eye-contact, posture and time management. A speech duration can be around 5-7 mins.

Extempore Speeches:  As the name suggests, Topics assigned to participants will be spontaneous. The duration of this speech will be around 3 mins. This activity will help the participants to think on their feet and will prepare them to speak out with confidence.

Storytelling: This skill is very crucial for an MBA student. It will help them understand how to engage a crowd and keep them connected while delivering an idea. Storytelling has more to it apart from good content. It includes facial expressions, Voice modulations, a strong script and an ability to deliver the emotion to the crowd. We believe with consistent practice, Innovac will deliver this skill to our peers.

Think Tanks: It’s a brainstorming session or a creative space to help our peers dive a little deep into their preferred domains. We will help our peers to research about any major breakthrough that happened in their field of specialisation or they can discuss any process or concept, which might help them to gain a new perspective.

Debates: Based on the number of participants, Innovac will divide the debate teams and we will conduct each session regarding the major happenings around us.

Group discussions: Group of 6 or 7 will be divided and the sessions will be held with the help of CIR regarding the topics and moderators for the sessions.

Global affairs society: It’s an activity where the participants will be representing a country, and get to talk about a global issue. To do this effectively, they need to research about the country prior, learn about their foreign affairs and policy. Every participant by the end of this activity will know the reasoning behind a certain country’s strategic decisions and will learn how to take a strong stand in their argument.

News analysis: This activity will help us to analyse, and view a particular news in various perspectives, relate the news and make a story out of it.

Parallel Excel practice: We will conduct this activity to help our peers understand how to use excel in our day to day life. Majority of us are aware of the formulas but we struggle to put them into practice. Hence, Participants can volunteer to help Innovac create and organise our data in excel. In that way, we all will benefit from each other.

Writing Workshops: Assistance in creative writing, report writing or even composing a professional mail will be provided.

The Documentation

Every session will be recorded, documented and attendance will be maintained for certain activities. If the participants wish to see their progress throughout we will maintain a  report in their progress as well.

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