/International Men’s Day- Masculinities, Authenticity & The Workplace

International Men’s Day- Masculinities, Authenticity & The Workplace

On November 24th, 2023, the Young Indians Committee of ASB organized an interactive session on “Masculinities, Authenticity, and the Workplace” to celebrate International Men’s Day. The session was held at Sri Krishna Hall and featured two guests: Mr. Kalpesh More and Mr. Shivendra Vaiyapuri of Biraadari Brotherhood, a social initiative that creates safe spaces for men and boys to share their stories and challenges. The session also had our very own Prof.Gopakumar of ASB as one of the guests.

The session began with a video tribute to the men of ASB who work tirelessly in various roles to ensure the smooth functioning of the college. Next, Mr. Shivendra took to the stage, sharing his life experiences and emphasizing the importance of deep listening. He highlighted that women’s empowerment is incomplete without men’s empowerment, underscoring the interconnectedness of gender issues. Mr. Shivendra also brought to our attention that there are various types of masculinities and that we need to understand and respect them.

Mr. Kalpesh More, who attended the session remotely, talked about how men need spaces where they can take a break from stress and manage their emotions. This means creating safe places for men to talk about their challenges and feelings. Mr. Kalpesh and Mr. Shivendra then shared with us how they founded the Biraadari Brotherhood in 2020 as a response to the lack of support and guidance for men and boys in society. Biraadari, which means brotherhood in Hindi, aims to create a community of men who can support each other, learn from each other, and grow together.

Prof.Gopakumar then added his perspective, stating that masculinity is nurtured and individuals have the choice whether to subscribe to stereotypes or not. He encouraged everyone to think about whether these societal expectations should shape how they view themselves.

Overall, the event gave a broad and deep look into what it means to be a man in today’s world. It was a great opportunity for the ASBians to engage in a meaningful conversation on masculinity and its implications for personal and professional growth.

-Aiswarya Anilkumar (Batch 2025)

Photo credits: Sreya Hariharan, Adwaith, Arul Selvan (Batch 2025)