/An Entrepreneurial Journey -Final Year Project to Startup

An Entrepreneurial Journey -Final Year Project to Startup

Date: 06.01.2023

Resource Persons: Ms. Niveda R (Founder &CEO – Bliss Natural) 
Mr. Gowtham (Founder &Managing Director – Bliss Natural)

The young business owners Ms. Niveda and Mr. Gowtham, the Founders of “Bliss Natural,” spoke to the students of ASB on January 6th, 2023 as the distinguished speakers for the Amrita MBA Talk series. The meeting started off by Ms. Niveda, founder and CEO of Bliss Naturals asking the students to share their views and ideas of entrepreneurship. 

In Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, organic sanitary pads are produced under the brand name Bliss Naturals. It is made of sustainable natural fiber Kenaf, making it India’s first biobased certified product and the country’s first sanitary pad to receive FDA approval. She stated that they are a social enterprise rather than a startup. For a final-year project that later evolved into a business venture, the concept sprang from rising worry over the accumulation of environmentally hazardous plastics in the railroad station. By discussing the challenges encountered by young women entrepreneurs and her own path from a humble beginning to success despite social and cultural setbacks. She also motivated the budding women entrepreneurs of ASB with her story. Her advice for any entrepreneur to follow was, don’t settle for less, use rejection to fine-tune your ideas, and consistency is more important than money that had a high level of positive impact on the listeners. She also spoke about the value of networking for business owners and recommended a few websites for ASB students in need of early assistance. Mr. Gowtham answered the queries of the young business people with passion and inspired them to follow the right routes without hesitation. Both stressed the adage “Thinking about starting your own business is torture; really doing it is simple.”