/Takeaways from the HR Conclave

Takeaways from the HR Conclave

Had a great experience, volunteering and participating in the HR conclave- “HR practices: Shifting paradigms in emergent technologies era” at Amrita School of Business on 11th March, 2023 with amazing panel members and guests.

Mr. Ganesh Sankararaman, Senior Vice President (Finance) SIFY Technologies Ltd & CFO, SIFY Digital Services Ltd. 
Ms. Divya Sonali Minz, Director (Human Resources), Avnet India Pvt. Limited.
Mr. Ajin Pisharody – General Manager (Learning & Development), Reliance Retail.
Mr. Dileep C, Vice President & Head (Human Resources), NeST Digital Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Harish Uttarkar, India Head (People and Culture), Innocap.
Mr. Vishnu BG,Site Leader, DRAUP & ZINNOV Consulting, Coimbatore.

We also had the opportunity of interacting with the panel members and a few HR professionals who came for the conclave. We had two pannel discussions on the topics- “Leveraging technology to enhance employee management and engagement” and “Impact of the hybrid workplace on organization culture, climate and organization development”. A few points that I noted were: 

– Not everything suits for everyone. A person with particular skills can only be suitable to work a few set of jobs. Analysing their competencies and providing training that aligns both with the organisational policies and the employee competencies is required. – Humans are creatures of habit, which resists them from learning new things. Developmental learning cannot be forced into someone to learn, they need intrinsic motivation to learn and develop themselves.

– When asked about “how do you cope with your mental health?” to the panel members, Mr. Dileep gave an example of a sandwich. The bread above and below are taken as organisation and employees and the stuffing inside is the HR, the bread is tastless and would be of less value if not for the stuffing.

– Talent Market place. Skills are given priority rather than their roles. Employees with certain skills for a project are seeked to work on it in addition to their regular jobs in the company. This way moonlighting can be avoided. 

We had an interactive and informative workshop as the final touch to the conclave on “HR analytics: The Digital Transformation to People Management in the Emerging Era” By G. Subramanian, Senior HR Consultant, Mentor & L&D Facilitator, Yoshin Solution Pvt. Ltd. Chennai.

The conclave came to its end and the panel members were given mementos as a symbol of gratitude, for their presence and for sharing their experiences at the conclave.

Deepasri, Batch 2024