/ASB Celebrates Onam with Grandeur

ASB Celebrates Onam with Grandeur

Onam was celebrated by Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore on 26th August 2023. Onam is known for its vibrant and inclusive celebrations, which include traditional games, dances, feasts, and more. The Onam celebration started with Tug of War at 7 a.m. The participants were divided into teams of boys and girls and a friendly yet fun match was held.

After Tug of War, the Pookolam Competition was held batch-wise. Students enthusiastically participated in creating the Pookolam by carefully arranging the flowers in intricate patterns and designs. This collective effort not only showcases the artistic talents of students but also fosters a sense of unity and teamwork.

Students and teachers were dressed in their cultural best and added to the festivity. As part of the Vibrant Onam celebration, one of the delightful activities included a lively lemon and spoon race. Participants balanced lemon on a spoon while racing each other in front of the ASB Block, adding fun and excitement to the festivities. The heart of the Onam celebration is undoubtedly the grand Onam Sadhya. At 12:00 pm traditional Onam Sadhya was served at Pandal for students and staff.

The cultural event started at 2 pm, various talented people presented their talents and delighted the audience with an amazingly diverse performance. In the event, talented participants showcased their skills in various categories. These included solo and duet songs, cinematic group dances, individual and group vocal performances, and instrument playing. Each participant brought their own unique talents and energy to the stage, making the event a memorable celebration of creativity and artistic expression. One of the participants, Ganesh Menon, dressed up as Mahabali. He gave the occasion a real and regal presence like Mahabali, capturing the essence of the mythical king. Jandemelam brought an exciting effect to the event, providing the perfect backdrop for the final performance of the evening. The wonderful Onam celebration ended with a wonderfully memorable and heartfelt event.

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