/ASB Students at Louis Vuitton

ASB Students at Louis Vuitton

It was indeed a great day in Bangalore!

As a part of our course, Sales & Distribution Management, as a team of four, we had an excellent opportunity to do a field project at a Louis Vuitton [LV] store in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

After brainstorming several ideas, we chose Louis Vuitton to understand and research the regional sales process of this ubiquitous luxury brand.

In India, Louis Vuitton has outlets in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangaluru.

Mr. Pavan Kumar, Regional Sales Director of Louis Vuitton said, “sales is not about selling; it is an art of customer relationship management.” Surprisingly, the company does not adopt practices of brand ambassadors because the CEO of Louis Vuitton has made the company’s employees believe themselves to be brand ambassadors.

The unsold products of LV are shipped back to Paris, where the products are hand-crafted by expert craftsmen. As a team, we not only considered this as a project but an immense experiential journey that has given us take-home lessons on multiple levels.

Finally, all that matters is the team spirit and the memories created behind those fun-filled learning. It made us realize that memories are not part of the journey as they are the journey by themselves.

We would also like to thank Prof. V Gopakumar for supporting and guiding us throughout the process and motivating us to execute this project successfully. And we are also happy to do this project under the umbrella of Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore.

Louis Vuitton’s experience is cherishable and shall be etched in our hearts forever.

– Niveda Ayvel, Batch 2023