/The Entrepreneurial side of Dharani

The Entrepreneurial side of Dharani

“Dream cannot wait and cannot only wait as a Dream”

Dharani Krishna of 1st Year MBA abides by this quote. After passing his degree in engineering from the ACT Campus, Anna University, Chennai, he wished to explore his entrepreneurial side. 

Viewing his father as a role model, Dharani was inspired to begin a Petrol Pump on his own and is now running it successfully. Despite the challenges of managing it while pursuing an MBA, his parents and uncle are his biggest supporters. 

“I think I took up the right decision at the right time,” he says. Opportunity doesn’t knock twice. 

Dharani bears his heart in full when he says, “At one point, I was driven to sell my business, but I never gave up” 

He exclaims that he is learning people management, and crisis management and has developed good contacts through pursuing his MBA. He feels elated when he is able to connect his business learnings with the courses that he is studying here at ASB.

“Not COVID, not situations can control you. Gear up to face difficult times, for the universe loves a stubborn heart!” says this young entrepreneur.

– Dharani Krishnan, Batch 2024