/At the end of the day its just you and your story…

At the end of the day its just you and your story…

This is what motivates Vibhooshana to improve every day: “I truly enjoy what I do and I’m enthusiastic about getting better every day.” She believes that we can only compete against ourselves, and that striving to be better than yesterday is what constitutes success.

Meet our young entrepreneur Ms. L. Vibhooshana, who is pursuing her final year MBA at ASB in Coimbatore while also enrolling in distance education for her second year of M. Com at Bharatiyar University.

In the short span of her career she has launched about 4 start-ups, and her path is as follows: She owned a small event management firm named “Happiness consulting” during her second year of under graduation. Shortly after that, she started a company called “Frames and Finish” that provided customised giving solutions after analysing the market needs in her college and neighbourhood.

She successfully managed to run the business for a year and a half, but she had to close down both businesses when the world suddenly turned upside down due to the shock of the COVID and pandemic, which caused everyone to be confined to their homes and start taking online lessons. All she could think at this moment was that she shouldn’t give up so easy and that she needed to start something out of the predicament, something she could accomplish at home and something that would have an impact.

That is when “cake a boo.in,” a home-based bakery, came into existence. She originally distributed in the neighbourhood before gradually expanding throughout Tirupur with the aid of a delivery team she managed to create.In addition to winning the Godrej India’s Best Baker and Chef awards for the years 2020 and 2022 in relation to the bakery she ran, she also received the “young women entrepreneur award” from WBN (Women Business Network) Coimbatore in 2021.But since it’s a service industry, another issue developed since she needed to remain present for the quality of the business to remain the same. At that point, she realised she needed to develop a product and the business needed to continue as usual even in her absence.

When we questioned her, was there anything about her past career that she wished she could change? She said that everything is great just the way it is since success requires hard effort, sleepless nights, happiness, and tears of anguish, all of which are inherent aspects of life.

She founded the detergent powder company “Magic Bubbles” in December 2021. Due to the powder’s low chemical content compared to competing goods and absence of phosphate, this is a sustainable business model. Vibhooshana’s distribution network is quite intriguing; to support her company in the villages of Pallani, Ottanchathiram, Udumalpet, and Dindigul, she hired 200  women who are homemakers from self-help groups. Additionally, it is listed on Amazon and is offered in bag sizes of 1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg, and 5 kg.

She also won the Global Students Entrepreneur Award from the EO-Coimbatore chapter, with a cash reward of Rs. 50,000. Out of 105 contestants, she was placed in the top 2, and was chosen to represent the chapter in the Nationals, which will be held in Pune in March.
When we asked who her inspiration is, she responded her parents since they are both into business and it is because of them that she is here today; they never failed to encourage her and were ready to help her in every way imaginable. Her parents made the initial investments in all her starups so far, and she is glad to have such wonderful people in her life.
She said that she feels extremely fortunate and grateful to have such incredible academic mentors  Mr. Deepak Gupta and Mrs. Shobana Madhavan, who have always inspired her to do better and motivated her to not  give up lightly. They have given her ideas in business plan , helped her understand the market and supported in finding the painpoints of the product and business and led her in the right path. She is once again grateful of having such wonderful people in her life.

She is also an artist who has received awards such as “young Picasso of the year,” “Varnajalam- Sirandha oviyaam” Best art in State level, and articles about her artistic abilities have been published in newspapers and journals.

For anyone starting a business as a student entrepreneur, she has a small piece of advice: “Be daring but be humble, always be ready to learn and sometimes you have to sacrifice the fun to accomplish something bigger. Remember that you’re doing something the others aren’t, so if you work really hard now, you can enjoy a better future later.”

There will be times when you want to give up everything because it is so overwhelming, but you must hold on to what you are doing tightly because this too shall pass. At the end, when you start to reap the rewards, and then when you look back at the path you have travelled to get here, you will feel really proud of yourself. It is impossible to describe that emotion in words; one must feel it instead.

She expressed gratitude to her parents, teachers, mentors, Professors  and dear friends for their unwavering support during the course of the talk.

Vibhooshana L, Batch 2023