/Fitness and consistency

Fitness and consistency

“CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS” We have heard this a million times, but we never follow this in our life. I took on this as a challenge in my workout routine, and the outcome is impressive.  It was indeed a painful journey, especially at the beginning but that pain gave me the motivation to keep going.  

My fitness journey was inspired by my brother. Through my trainer, I came across different aspects of fitness and it made me realize how important it is to stay fit. The key to having an effective workout progress is to follow the correct method while working out. It is important to have expert guidance while exercising to avoid complications. 

If you are looking for immediate results, it is a big ‘NO’! It is all about consistency and steadiness you follow in your daily routine. The less-known fact is that the results will be visible by doing 30% of workouts and 70% of food intake.

Another important factor is that you need to have enough rest so that your muscles will have time to recover. As we know, too much of anything is good for nothing so we should make sure that we don’t work out too much. If you are a person who is more physique conscious and dedicated, you may see results in a few months. So, to all people out there, don’t give up and try to stay motivated and focused. “Dream hard, Live big”. 

– Moses raj, Batch 2024