/In Pursuit of Smiles with Frames

In Pursuit of Smiles with Frames

Framed Portraits as the name says it all, I sell hand painted portraits with frames. I used to paint when I feel down or stressed. The idea of painting portraits came to me at one such instance. My first painting was a trail, which turned out pretty good. So, I started to paint pictures of my friends and family. All my paintings had no facial features (eyes, nose, lips). I believe the picture speaks for itself.

I got the idea of posting all my paintings online and starting a business. My friend helped me in uploading my paintings online, adding captions. It was very dull in the beginning. So, I started painting for my friends for free and posted those on my page. I used the Instagram Advertising for a few of my paintings. Followers started increasing after a collaboration with a cricket memes page where I painted a portrait of M.S Dhoni.

My friends here at Amrita shared on their Instagram accounts, the details and links to my page. Now I would say my business is pretty good than it was before.

The whole idea of faceless portraits is, ‘memories stay with us through out’. These paintings are just a remembrance of those memories. The paintings are what we perceive them to be, only the people in it are what matters. I leave the facial expressions of my paintings to one’s thinking and their memory. 

– Deepasri T, Batch 2024