/Dance your heart out!!

Dance your heart out!!

I’ve been dancing on stage since kindergarten. The child in me, helped me to cope with stage fear. Since then, I have been an active performer. Dance is a beautiful form of art. It has taught me a lot in life. The key learnings are self-confidence and the ability to express my feelings to the rhythm of the music. I started dancing just out of my interest and it has helped me attain inner peace.

Dance is a form of therapy that helps me relieve my stress and pressure. I watch dance-related videos which allow me to enrich my knowledge about dance. It has tremendously helped me inculcate some moral values and life lessons. One such lesson it taught me was the willpower to not give up in any situation. The other main quality which I gained through this art form was perseverance. In my passion for dance, I’ve learned many styles and forms of dance by observing other professional dancers. I get inspired by their dance moves, which helps me choreograph my own moves. I’ve participated in many intercollege events and bagged many prizes, which serves as a constant source of motivation for me.  

– Dhina Dhayalan R, Batch 2024