/The chef in me and beyond: A journey of self-discovery

The chef in me and beyond: A journey of self-discovery

Becoming a culinary expert was never in my plans until I reached the 10th grade. I had a genuine interest in cooking. As I started learning more about the nuances of cooking from my mother, I discovered a sense of satisfaction and joy. The smile I could witness on the faces of my family members was all that mattered at the end of the day. It charged up my passion for cooking and being engaged in the culinary arts.

So, when I completed my schooling, I knew I would pursue catering science as my undergraduate degree. While I was initially interested in food production, my passion slowly narrowed down to baking. The cooking style for the bakery and confectionery was quite different from the others, so it intrigued me. My sweet tooth could be a reason too!

During my undergrade programme in catering, I also honed my skills in other hotel management departments. I baked and sold snacks and cookies to colleges and other canteens regularly. Besides this, I was also working on growing my cake business online. Thanks to Instagram, I received a good number of orders, and it was a great learning experience. Then, I made pastries and cakes and discovered my passion for baking.

I started experimenting a lot, but it wasn’t all a success initially. With time, I discovered a signature cookie named ‘SSS’ that created a distinct impact. The SSS cookies are a healthy delight made with wheat flour, powdered jaggery, and pure budget. With every bite, one could relish three different flavors at once, and that’s the unique selling point of this cookie. 

Here’s to new challenges, more joy in the future, and a new profession I ll excited to explore.

– Dharun S V, Batch 2024